We are JR Television, a voluntary not for profit seeking video production group established in 1988. Our aim is to create community based productions of live events for display on community web sites and for the promotion of the various organisations within the South Yorkshire  and London regions (or wherever the next job takes us).
Furthermore, we are able to transfer old reel to reel sound recordings to CD, SD card and USB plus 8mm & Super 8 cine to DVD. Our remit is to provide these services to charity and community based organisations and individuals who, due to fiscal constraints, would otherwise be unable to access them. You can afford us; we only ask for expenses.
Many of the films on this site were made under the banner of Helium Films which was a voluntary group operating within CSV (Community Service Volunteers) during its partnership with the BBC in Sheffield. CSV has discontinued its association with the group and has 'diluted' its link with the BBC in Sheffield. Consequently, Helium was disbanded.  

The children in the photos are all grown up now and gone their own ways. They were part of the early days image.