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Documentary - Teen Challenge

                   Dealing with homelessness and addiction 

Lang Lang's Massed Piano Concert at London's Roya; Festival Hall - 22nd May 2011 

Harvest Fields Doncaster - Full Immersion Baptism at 

Bentley Baptist Church  - Sunday 2nd May 2010


Documentary for Carpenter's Arms Rehab Unit in

Loughborough, Leicestershire - August 2010


Birthday of 10 year old Merveille Celeste from  Democratic

Republic of Congo  (Shalom Africa)


Wedding of Liz & Scott - not on You Tube (by request). 

Mexborough & Swinton Astronomical Society 

Shirley Howitt and others singing their own song compositions in Christ Church, Doncaster - March 2009. 

George Hamilton IV - in support of Teen Challenge Doncaster 

George Hamilton IV from Christ Church in Doncaster - March 2009

Region On Film - CSV Sheffield at BBC Radio Sheffield 

A Chinese horizontal harp played by two girls from Sheffield - 2008