Below: Vikki and Claire at work in the 1990s Edit Suite etc 

Below - assembling the 2008 version 

2008 - 9 


Audio Processing Room 2013 - Reel to reel machines only used for transcribing old tapes to CD. Otherwise, they look nice and date back to 1975. 

Below: 1990s cameras - S-VHS and Hi-8 

Today's cameras - Sony mini - DV, bought relatively cheaply when HDD and SD card models (more than twice the price of these outgoing models) were entering the market. Sadly, no girls to operate them now. Kids have this nefarious habit of growing up and starting their own families. We just can't get the staff any more. 

Panasonic Digital Video Mixer used for analogue linear editing in the 1990s 

Studio 2